“I am a colourist fascinated by textures. My natural processes and approaches to design have always gone against the grain, enabling me to embrace my desires to innovate and create.”

Born & raised in London, Amber Roper studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martin University of The Arts; attaining a BA in Textile Design. During her time at the establishment she covered and created works utilising a multitude of design pathways. It was during this time that she discovered the craft of weaving, and was instantly captivated.


Colour, composition and texture lie at the forefront of Amber’s style. Finding out she had Dyslexia, during her studies, relieved her of the pressures of following the systematic processes within weaving. This initiated another element of confidence for her to work to her own instinctive approaches. These approaches enabled Amber to create works of art that in 2014 were recognised by the China Academy of Art, and the Hangzhou Municipal Government. She won the award for ‘Best Material Creative’ at the International Creative Patter Design Competition; the only candidate to win the distinguished accolade from the United Kingdom.


What started off as fibre colour palettes,to influence and inspire collections, evolved to become works of art themselves. This led Amber to discover a new style to express her love for textile design, and translate her creativity. In 2017, her work was discovered by a representative from

Condé Nast, and was later featured in the World Of Interiors Magazine.


The Blühen Studio was founded in 2017. The name pays homage to part of Amber’s mixed heritage. In German, it translates as ‘flourish’ and ‘blossom,’ which runs true within Amber’s approach to all of her artwork.