Mixed Media Workshop

Client: The Bethlem Gallery, South London and Maudsley (NHS)

Location: 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning Centre/The Bethlem Gallery

In collaboration with The Bethlem Gallery, The Blühen Studio curated three mixed media art workshops. The workshops were specifically open to people in the community with a lived/living experience of accessing mental health services, and those supporting others who have a lived/living experience.

The aim of the workshop was for the attendees to express their feelings and ideas regarding places of support for mental health in their own artwork: utilising techniques and practices taught by Amber. (Off-loom weaving, collaging & yarn wrapping).

The discussions, ideas and artworks were then used as sources of inspiration for Amber to shape the development of artworks commissioned for the New Douglas Bennet House (a new, purpose-built mental health facility that will house acute adult inpatient services including four specialist wards and a psychiatric intensive care unit in South-East London.)

This has been a really fantastic workshop. Amber has been really generous in offering us ideas and new skills to try out. Thank you so much to all who participated! 

Maggie Bruce-Kawah

Thank you so much Amber. What an inspiring workshop. Everyone was so friendly & passionate about art. It was so nice getting to know new people and engaging in such refreshing conversation, to share ideas and skills together, and make such lovely things. Really really lovey! 

Clare S


Print, Weave, Sculpt/Hoop Weaving Workshop

Client: Accumulate London - Art School for the Homeless/UAL: Insights

Location: University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts

In collaboration with Accumulate London, The Blühen Studio was asked to deliver a workshop  for their art students; creating geometric woven designs on Craft Hoops, exploring shape, colour & texture. The hoops would then form a woven, sculptural structure to be exhibited as part of the student’s final piece.

The workshop focused on the creative potential of those at hostels, and encouraged creative expression whilst providing them with skills that could be used for both personal and professional development and enjoyment.

Amber Roper - "Helping the participants with their pursuit into higher education within the arts, through exploring off-loom weaving, was a thoroughly rewarding experience."

Helping the participants with their pursuit into higher education within the arts, through exploring off-loom weaving, was a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Amber Roper, Founder of The Blühen Studio


Collage & Yarn Wrap Workshop

Client: The Brady Art Centre/A Team Arts Education (Youth arts organisation based in Tower Hamlets providing free creative projects in Art, Design, Fashion and Textiles for young people 11-19 years old)

Location: The Brady Art Centre, London

The Blühen Studio was invited to host a mixed media art workshop alongside The Experimental Weave Lab, UAL Insights & A Team Arts Education: a youth arts organisation ,providing creative projects in Art and Design for young people 11-19 years old within the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

Exploring creativity, innovation and curiosity lay at the forefront of the workshop, concluding with each participant having something tangible to take home with them.


Lewisham Art Hub Weaving Workshop

Client:Lewisham Services For Schools

Location: Childeric Primary School, London

The Blühen Studio was asked to curate a weaving workshop for primary & secondary school teachers working in the London Borough of Lewisham. During the workshop, the participants would receive personal demonstrations on weaving techniques, and one-on-one guidance from myself to help inspire them to create lesson plans to boost the arts for students in the borough.

The workshop focused on teaching techniques and ideas that were sufficiently easy for non-specialists, and that included creating artworks with materials that could be easily found or cheap to purchase. In addition, I incorporated ideas that could be adapted for EYFS and up to Yr6 and secondary,  and ways in which weaving techniques could be used across the curriculum.

The workshop was really useful. Amber showed the group different weaving techniques that could be easily taught to all my students. The techniques taught could be easily transferred across different mediums, and I love the incorporation of using found materials which encourages recycling and resourcefulness. The workshop was really inspiring and gave me lots of ideas for lesson plans, really brilliant!

Mary M

Great workshop, Amber delivered it really well! Everything was easy to digest & was fun testing out some of the techniques. When's the next one? :-D

Jayson B


Weave and Winding'; a hand-weaving workshop inspired by West African and Mexican Textiles

Client: BetterShared

Location: Nexus Creative Hub, Croydon

In collaboration with global art-marketplace & creative networking platform, BetterShared, The Blühen Studio created a workshop for the local community in Croydon, where BetterShared is based.

The workshop was part of ‘African Art Shared,’ a series of events celebrating contemporary African art created by international and local artists.

Amber Roper - ‘I have always had a huge interest in woven textiles from different parts of the world, and found the differences in their creative process and creative styles very inspiring.  I decided to focus on the woven textiles of Ghana & Mexico as they both showcase elements that are present in my artworks.’

The participants were taught basic weaving & winding techniques, enabling them to create their own woven panels.